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A New World Sampled Promo 2012

Diciembre 17, 2012 · No hay Comentarios

Royalty-free music for professional licensing

Ethno Indigo Records : Joachim Rontxelius Preview To Noisesurfer – A New World Sampled (PROMO128KBPS)

Catalog number
Playtime: 01:04:11 – 128kb/s – 48.14 MB
Date released
Date published
2012/12/17 22:09h

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chill out drum and bass electronica downtempo trip hop Please login to edit Tags

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Noisesurfer – A New World Sampled – Promo 2012 Alternate Version

Samples from BDiddley Riffs,
David_Attenborough_naturaleza_de_la_BBC_fields recordings forest.KLF bits,808 State “Pacifica bites”,Sounds of Mu from all times and Styles Influencies,
“Indo Tribe” “Inteligent Communication”inspiration.Fields recodings collated mixed by Noisesurfer.

Produced By EthnoTronic

Orb by Matt Brown , and images mixed by Dinosaur Youth

Originals Songs That Will be Reworked again for the “A New Spiritual World Sampled”2013 ,Taken Now For Altenate Album Version for Ethno Indigo Records ,
In The Name Of Mu For A New Spiritual World .


Joachim Rontxelius

2012-2013 Noisesurfer Songs in Creative Commons Licences

This audio is part of the collection: Ethno Indigo Records
It also belongs to collection: Netlabels

Artist/Composer: Joachim Rontxelius
Keywords: Noisesurfer; Electronica; Idm; Ambient; DrumnBass; Dinosaur Youth; Progresive; Techno;

Creative Commons license: Attribution 3.0

TNW resident Noisesurfer returns with another massive downtempo experimental ambient trip! ‘Paintsounds’! To honor Pete Namlook Noisesurfer added a special bonus tribute mix to this release! ‘Tapebox’! Check out some new Noisesurfer tracks that will be release next year! Love electronics!

Noisesurfer – Paintsounds

Bonus download:
Noisesurfer – Tapebox

Noisesurfer Made a Special select tracks from previous songs made around last year and put here for Genetic Trance Netlabel,please enjoy music!Rain Tear Drop

Rain Tear Drop

Stream > Click Here

Download < Click Here


What’s This TV Channel? Video Compilation

What a road we have done together in less than 1 years and 6 months (only)! 500 releases… it means so much for me. And this compilation is something really special, because it’s a video comp’ including 84 videos. More than 7 hours and 30 minutes of visual & sound for pleasure of your eyes & ears.

“Thanks to all the artists involved in Sirona-Records. I’m very proud and grateful about all we have done in one year and six months. I love you all and please, never forget: “Sincerity is the Key”! Arnaud Barbe

Download & Streaming for Siro500




Time Will Pass Experimental Music Compilation (ARGREC19) •July 7, 2012 •


Warning: Please use discretion in volume when listening to and enjoying these songs.


Argali Records is proud to present our first compilation: “Time Will Pass”. While there is no specific ‘theme’ for this collection, initially a text was written by John Lithium explaining some of the concepts around the ‘time will pass’ set of ideas (namely, the permeability of time, the impermanence of fixed events and objects, and the subjective nature of sensory experience) [more on this can be found at the original post here: http://johnlithium.com/2012/04/28/now-accepting-submissions-for-the-time-will-pass-compilation-on-argali-records-netlabel/]. As with many long gestating projects, the ultimate focus is on the music.

Thus, we present to you, the listener, an eclectic mix of otherworldly textures, jazz-inflected jams, dub turntabalism, foreboding dark ambient soundscapes, avant-garde industrial revelations, and blistering noise fury. Instead of focusing our hearts and minds on the banality of ‘unavoidable catastrophic occurrences’ (and how we still manage to pass through unscathed), let’s turn towards the future, with auditory expressions equal parts introspection and extraversion. “TIME WILL PASS”.

Music for 2013 and subsequent years. THIS ONE’S FOR YOU.


Mystified: www.mystifiedmusic.com/
Noisesurfer: http://www.noisesurfer.com/ & ethnoindigorecords.de.tl/
Slowpitch: http://www.slowpitchsound.com/
Implicit Order: http://soundcloud.com/theimplicitorder & http://theimplicitorder.bandcamp.com/
Earth Concrete: http://soundcloud.com/earth-concrete
Jet Ghost: http://soundcloud.com/jet-ghost
Luxurious Dagger: http://soundcloud.com/luxurious-dagger & http://www.facebook.com/LuxuriousDagger
Secant Prime: http://www.secantprime.com/ [Courtesy of Uncoiled Loops]
Sleep Crimes: http://sleepcrime5.bandcamp.com/
President Blair
NOISUMON: http://noisumon.net/


All visual elements by John Lithium except where noted. The graphic for track eight kindly provided by Jet Ghost. Secant Prime appears courtesy of Uncoiled Loops.



Sirona 400 is Here!

Sirona Records Have 400 Releases now and make a Special 400 Edition with an excellent compilation tracks with special idea

4 minutes running time songs.For this guise of sounds have a large and great  spectrum of  artist/styles as

Adem Ohm,Nusa,Hu Creix,Toxic Chicken,Covolux,Noisesurfer,Cyril M., Sean Derrick Cooper Marquardt ,Mr Bull,Poghom,

Corroded Master,Genetic Trance,Mus-Rat Cult,Demolay.and etc etc etc...

Notes: "Original Artwork by Michelle Darby aka Zep Tepi" 

Various Artists - 4:00 (ZIP)

8 to 320kbps - June 2012
Diversified / Four Minutes


Footprints 2  Various Artists [Foot 200]

Previous anniversary compilation "Footprints" was released in April 2009. 3 years after, foot side got its 200th release. "Footprints 2" covers from foot102 (not foot101) to foot199 and 24 artists offered their unreleased tracks. Participants are : Mystified, Noisesurfer, Megatone, Kevin Bryce, Cagey House, Alinoe, EugeneKha, Gridline, SpaceWine, Ollie Cram, Pinkerator, Politru, Connaissance, Robot Junkyard, Chooko, Elphy Ant, Younnat, Baradit, Nox, dmyra, Duis (of Aerotrio), Möbius, Domrafa, and Tatsu.

Download All Files , Files at Internet Archive

Various Artists - Hidden Vibes Vol. 4

Blend of ambient soundscapes and modern classical piano instrumentals,contains songs by

Eus, Fog Lake, Skye's Diamond, Noisesurfer ,Lunae Lumen,Endless Melancholy and many more.

Last Fm Release Page , Download




Terraza EP / Noisesurfer [bump172] (2012.03.25)

Terraza EP is simply inspired on techno sounds, but with a little bit of chill out senses, with an attempt to dance and hear the tracks

Files at Internet Archive

Download all files

Terminal Window 2


Review By tuning in to the obscure

Artist: Various Artists
Title: Terminal Window 2
Released: 2012
Label: Sirona Records, Archive.org
Format: Digital
Genre: ambient, IDM, techno, glitch, space ambient
Riding on the heels of the awesome first volume,
“Terminal Window 2” explores a wildly vivid myriad of
musical landscapes.
Compiled and recorded by FSOL fans through the message board
hosted on
http://www.ilovecubus.co.uk ,
this new release showcases some of
the best artists hiding in the internet’s
For those of you who’ve followed this blog
over the past six months,
you might be familiar with some of the
artists who appear here.
The best way to review a various artist
compilation is to take it track by track.
So sit back, and enjoy the ride.

Should you download this? Yes! This
set hints and leans on elements of FSOL,
BoC and others while fearlessly and
magnificently holding its own and shining
through the
farthest reaches of space as a true
masterpiece of its kind.
The flow of this set is amazing
and one can easily see that great
care and thought were put into
the order of the tracks.
This was something that stood out
to me right away and impressed me
Fans of ambient music will be very
satisfied with this; I know I was.
Download this from here or here!
5 out of 5


The New Worck 445 of Noisesurfer


A great start of your weekend! A ambient trip for timelaps and relaxing moments! ‘Chill Mix Show’ by TNW resident Noisesurfer! Enjoy! Count your blessings!

Noisesurfer – Chill Mix Show



[AUDCST061] Noisesurfer – Day 1


“Day 1″ was composed based on the concept of this new century, Ambient Breaks that attempt to form a musical reflection on social issues and new technologies, the environment or the fears raised about a new era, treated from a standpoint acid and reflexive. Noisesurfer attempts to create an atmosphere full of Breaks and Ambient sounds with spirit and soul, sounds intended for personal listening and causing the listener to be more encouraged. Trying to create sounds that resemble our times, incorporating various emotions; happiness, sadness and feeling of melancholy all from the sound, with no more lyrical input than just noise. Always with great passion for the music of the musicians that have inspired them. Please enjoy and thanks for listening & downloading this album.

Download Mirrors:

Mininova Torrent

Old Autumn Tales Ep by Noisesurfer


Noisesurfer (wordpress) is the first spanish project on 20kbps. Contrary to what the pseudonym might suggest - its bandwitdh is everything else than restricted to noise. This ep (actually it's more like an lp) is a further succesful step on their ongoing search for good music.
The tripartite centerpiece Old Autumn Tales starts with some experimental ambient techno in Wind Spoke and it ends with a very unconventional harsh ambient part, appropriately named noise. Between these two lies Lonely Quiet, a stellar soudscape masterpiece.
They are underpinned by four more works: Rotor County, a frisky dance tune, Unknown Letter, another very fine soundscape, and two experimental electronica tracks, Transit Fields and Dr.Drum.

You can download or listen individual files at its archive.org and last.fm page

Noisesurfer - Spiritual World Sampled

Originally recorded Dec.2011 , songs by Noisesurfer for Ethno Indigo Records 2012.About:12 new songs for listen with headphones and goes to mindblowing and personal meditations in free creative commons download for the people,please enjoy it.
Ethno Indigo Web
Ethno Indigo Archive
Ethno Indigo Records is a new netlabel in collaboration with
Ethno Indigo Records
and noisesurfer.com

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Más sobre mí (hobby...profesión...deportes que practicas...):
En paro,como tantisima gente.Quiero encontrar una discografica donde pueda desarrollar mi carrera como compositor.

El blog de Joachim Rontxelius

Noisesurfer On KLF Recovered & Remastered Series : Minus Four ,Coming Soon!!!

Publicado el julio 7, 2013 a las 6:39pm 0 Comentarios

The new ‘Minus’ series is now underway with the special remixes EP, ‘It’s Grim Up North London’ (Minus-One) already available.

The follow up, and next release is a very special 8 track EP…

‘The KLF Remix Project Part III’ (Minus-Four).

As with ‘Minus-One’, there will also be a limited Showcase CDR to accompany the first 50 pre-ordered copies of ‘Minus-Four’.

These bonus discs are designed to help promote the work of artists who have helped or produced mixes for the…



Publicado el marzo 21, 2013 a las 8:00pm 0 Comentarios

Mas Musica

Publicado el marzo 21, 2013 a las 7:00pm 0 Comentarios



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A las 12:32pm del septiembre 14, 2013, DoRaDoYcRiSsi dijo...

"""Hola mi nombre es Nandy y este el segundo tema de mi maqueta espero que sea de tu agrado saludos... http://www.musicacopyleft.es/video/nandy-02-ves";";"

A las 6:21am del julio 8, 2013, Ryan dijo...
¡Muchísimas gracias Joachim, éxitos!!!!
A las 7:00pm del julio 7, 2013, Ryan dijo...
Saludos desde Puerto Rico! Éxitos!
A las 12:46am del diciembre 31, 2012, Javier Baños dijo...

Feliz Navidad y Próspero año 2013! Aprovecho para invitarte a escuchar mi tema "Es Amor" y si te apetece, decirme que te parece. Muchas gracias!


A las 7:39pm del octubre 14, 2012, GERARDO HERRERA dijo...


Permíteme compartir contigo esta canción de mi autoría. Espero que sea de tu agrado.



A las 6:06pm del septiembre 13, 2012, Gordo Gomez dijo...

Hola! Aqui os dejo el enlace a mi ultimo videoclip, grabado en Cadiz capital junto a mi homie BestBasstard directamente desde Chile, espero que os guste!


A las 5:45pm del abril 23, 2012, Jindowin dijo...

Gracias por agregarnos y espero que les guste nuestra musica!!

A las 9:00am del abril 16, 2012, Subliminal Code dijo...

Gracias Unete A nuestra pagina facebook oficial 
y al twitter

A las 11:54am del abril 15, 2012, Javier Baños dijo...

Muchas gracias por tu comentario Joachim!! Me alegro que te guste el tema!! Un fuerte abrazo esperando escuchar algún tema tuyo!!!

A las 11:06am del abril 15, 2012, Javier Baños dijo...

Hola! Me llamo Javier Baños y estoy intentando darme a conocer en el panorama musical. Me gustaría que vieras este video y me contaras que te parece.


    Si quieres escuchar alguna canción más, puedes hacerlo en mi página principal


    Muchas gracias!!


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