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I Mosa
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  • Santiago
  • Chile
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I Mosa
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I Mosa aka Mr Perez (Moises Pérez) was born in Santiago de Chile at the end of the 70s, he is the second child of four brothers. His life has been very special because when he was one year old his parents decided to travel through Latin America. He lived his childhood in different countries like Argentina, Colombia, Brazil, Panamá and other Latin-American countries until 1989, when the whole family decided to come back to Chile, where there was a political transition.

His interest for the graffiti and reggae culture began when he was 19 years old. He is influenced by Peter Tosh, Mystic Revelation of Rastafari, Shaba Ranks, Public Enemy, Dead Prez and other Spanish speaking artists.

When he was 20 years old he decided to travel to Sweden to study and continue expanding his interest for music and lyrics. He started to compose his first songs with his guitar and to meet artists and bands from the Swedish scene. In the year 2003 he participated in some Hip Hop projects and in 2004 I Mosa performs for the first time at the “Uppsala Reggae Festival” the biggest Scandinavian reggae festival, next to great artists like Igulah, Bushman, Mighty Diamonds, Alpha Blondy and Lady G and more than 40 other bands that played during that festival.

Is after these performances that he decides to travel around Europe and expand his knowledge as well as getting to know other artists from the continent. He releases his first demo called “Hoy Kien lo Hará” and also the video clip “Fuego”. This demo was recorded in Sweden, Spain and was finished in Chile. The same year he collaborated in the albums “Reggaespañol vol 1 and vol 2” from Spain, “Compilado Hip/Reggae” from Chile and the promo “Äkta Bra Artister” from Sweden. Between 2005 and 2006 he decided to start his own music label with his brother, they called it "Negroida Barbarie Records" and they settled in Barcelona, where they recorded I Mosas single "Human Right And Justice", song of his first album "Jahma Fuego", Later that year he recorded his second music video "Entiendes" also with Radikal.

After living many years outside of Chile, I Mosa went back to present his first album "Jahma Fuego" with the reggae band "Country Band" and artists like Radikal, LB1, Oskr T, Guerrillero Okulto and Conciencia Yo y Yo, who participated on the release. It's because of this album that the online show "WOW" from "Canal 13” (one of the most important chilean TV channels), interviewed I Mosa and Radikal. This interview helped to spread the new album and to talk about their new proyects and their independent label "Negroida Barbarie Records".

In that same year he participated on the albums "Reggae is life vol.2" produced by Indika Sound System, "R.L.O" produced by Radikal and with the one rhythm "Meida Noite" produced by Jimmy Luv, from Brazil. On the next year he released his second album called "Es La Luz", where he mixes up Dancehall rhythms with Reggaeton, including new reggae roots songs, which were presented with Quique Neira, ex Gondwana singer. I Mosa traveled to Argentina where he performed live on the radio station "Rock and Pop" and also in Sao Paulo, Brazil with "7 Velas Crew". In Buenos Aires he colaborated in the album "Musica Interior" by the argentinian reggae band "Yalib". In Brazil he featured a record with 7 Velas Crew - Jimmy Luv, Arcanjo and Ms Ivy.

After many tours and live presentations, meeting artists and producers, I Mosa opened his way through established singers where he earned respect for his constancy and his unique way of composing.

On the beginning of 2007 he recorded his first promotional album called "El Diferente" (“The Different”) describing his character and personality inside and outside the stage. "El Diferente" it's a promotional free downloading album that has received good critics by the Reggae/Dancehall audiences. In this album he released the single "Pum Pum", a Dancehall song that was played in "Rock and Pop" radio station in Argentina and "Fm Hit" radio station in Chile and Brazil.

Later that same year he works on the rhythm called "Sigue Adelante", produced by "Negroida Barbarie Records" and "RK producciones", in which artists from Chile, Brazil, Mexico and Spain participated. Also during 2007 he recorded two promotional rap albums, "Resistencia Latina" and "Donas", by the chilean rapers Radikal and Ariel. In the beginning of 2008 he presented a new single called "Ella Quiere", from his second promotional album "No le meten". With this album I Mosa reached a big audience in the Black Music audience because the album was created for a greater audience, not just Reggae audience but for all the audience that vibe with the "Black sounds".

At the end of 2008, he collaborated in the promotional album produced by Radikal, "La Venganza del Rap", with a hip hop song called "Agrandao". At the same time I Mosa promoted his new single "No Me Estreses".

In 2009 he colaborated with the song "Irie Solution" for the one rhythm called "Solution", in combination with the Jamaicans "Inna Yard All Stars - Derajah, Earl Chinna Smith, Kiddu I and Matthew McNuff. He also recorded a promotional song with the Latin artist who lives in Madrid, "Newton".

2010 brought a new proyect to I Mosa's life and career as he decided to put a new band together. The band as well as himself is based in Uppsala Sweden and they've been playing together ever since may that same year. Lots of new proyects and tours are being planned as the band gets stronger after every live show they share with I Mosa, that's somehow the reason of the name of the band: "Strong Vybz Band".

The present finds him finishing his new album, which will be released at the end of this year. The album brings a lot of new surprises as well as new music videos, such as the youtube hit single "Jah Musik". I Mosa is also working on a new one rhythm produced by "RK producciones" and "Negroida Barbarie Records".


I Mosa aka Mr Perez (Moises Perez), nacio en Santiago de Chile a finales de los 70, el segundo hijo de cuatro hermanos. Su vida ha sido muy especial ya que a la edad de un año fue cuando sus padres deciden viajar desde Chile hacia Latinoamerica. Desarrolla su infancia en diferentes paises como Argentina, Colombia, Brazil, Panama, y otro paises de Latinoamaerica. Hasta que en el 1989 junto a toda su familia deciden volver a su pais de origen y en pleno periodo de transcicion politica Chilena vuelven a sus raices. Es a los 19 años donde despierta su interes por la cultura graffitera por el Reggae y el Hip Hop influenciado por Peter Tosh, Mystic Revelation of Rastafari, Shaba Ranks, Public Enemy, Dead Prez y otros artistas de habla hispana que fue conociendo y desarrollando la cultura Rastafari Jamaicana y la cultura de Hip Hop en America.

Con 20 años decide viajar a Suecia para estudiar y seguir expandiendo su interes por la musica y las letras. Es asi como empieza a empaparse de conocimiento musical y a componer sus primeros temas junto a su guitarra y tambien a conocer artistas y bandas de la escena sueca. En el 2003 participa de algunos proyectos de Hip Hop y en el 2004 se presenta en el "Uppsala Reggae Festival" donde actuan artistas como Iqulah, Bushman, Mighty Diamonds, Alpha Blondy, Lady G y mas de 40 bandas que participaron ese año del festival.

Saca su primer demo llamado "Hoy Kien Lo Hara" junto con el video clip "Fuego" Este demo se grabo en Suecia, España y fue terminado en Chile. Ese mismo año colabora con los discos "Reggaespañol Vol 1 y Vol 2" de España, el "Compilado Hip Hop / Reggae" de Chile y el promocional "Äkta Bra Artister" de Suecia. Hasta que entre el 2005 - 2006 decide junto a su hermano Radikal empezar con su propio sello discografico independiente Negroida Barbarie Records. Se instalaran en Barcelona es alli donde lanzan el single "Human Right and Justice" cancion de su primer album "Jahma Fuego" y en ese mismo año graban el segundo video clip "Entiendes" junto a Radikal.

Despues de varios años fuera de su pais reguesa a presenta su primer album "Jahma Fuego" junto a la Country Band y artistas como Radikal, LB1, Oskr T, Guerrillerokulto y Conciencia yo y yo que participaron del lanzamiento. Es alli en Santiago donde el programa online "WOW" del Canal 13 de la Television Chilena entrevista a I Mosa - Radikal esta entrevista ayudo para la difusion y el poder comentar sobre sus nuevos trabajos y la idea final del sello independiente Negroida Barbarie Records.
En ese mismo año colabora con los discos "Reggae is life vol 2" producido por Indika Sound System “R.L.O” producido por Radikal y por ultimo con el one riddim “Meida Noite" producido por Jimmy Luv desde Brazil.
Un año mas tarde lanza su segundo album "Es La Luz" donde mezcla el Dancehall con el Reggaeton incluyendo algunos temas de New Roots, en cual presenta junto a Quique Neira ex vocalista de Gondwana.
En ese mismo año viajara a Argentina, donde se presenta en vivo en la radio "Rock and Pop" y tambien se presentara en Sao Pablo Brazil junto a 7 Velas Crew. En Buenos Aires colabora en el disco "Musica Interior" de la banda de Reggae Argentina Yalib En Brazil graba una combinacion con 7 Velas Crew - Jimmy Luv, Arcanjo y Ms Ivy.

Despues de viajes y presentaciones en vivo, conociendo artistas y productores, I Mosa se abre camino entre los cantantes mas antiguos donde logra un respeto por su constancia y la diferencia que marca en su musica y en sus letras. Hasta que a principio del 2007 saca el primer disco promocional llamado "El Diferente" haciendo referencia a su caracter y su personalidad dentro y fuera del escenario.
"El Diferente" es un promocional de descarga directa por internet que ha sido muy bien criticado y acogido por el publico del Reggae/ Dancehall. En este promocional lanza como nuevo single el tema "Pum Pum" un single de Dancehall que llegara a sonar en las radios "Rock and Pop" de Argentina y en la "FM Hit" de Chile y en tambien Brazil.

A mediados del 2007 trabaja en forma directa en el riddim "Sigue Adelante" llevado acabo por Negroida Barbarire Records y RK producciones. En el cual graban artistas de Chile, Brazil, Mexico y España. En ese mismo año graba en dos discos promocional de Rap, "Resistencia Latina" y "Donas" de los raperos Chilenos Radikal y Ariel. Al principios del 2008 presenta un nuevo single llamado "Ella Quiere" parte de su segundo disco promocional "No Le meten" un disco que mezcla marcadamente un estilo diferente a los otros discos.

Este segundo promocional "No Le Meten" ha logrado una gran audiencia dentro del oyente de la Black Music ya que fue pensado en un publico en general, ya no solo era la gente del Reggae si no que para toda clase de publico que vibra con los sonidos "Negros” Tambien colaboro al termino del 2008 con el promocional editado por Radikal "La Venganza del Rap" con un tema de hip hop llamado "Agrandao" Junto con esto promociono el nuevo single “No Me Estreses” Este single a sonado en un programa de la radio FM “Carolina” de Chile.

En 2009 ha colaborado con el tema “Irie Solution” para el one riddim “Solution” y en las combinaciones con los Jamicanos Inna Yard All Stars - Derajah, Earl Chinna Smith, Kiddus I y Matthew McNuff. Tambien grabo un tema promocional con el artista Centro Americano radicado en Madrid Newton.
En estos momentos se encuentra terminando de grabar su nuevo album que saldra a la calle para fin de año, en el cual vienen buenas sorpresas. El nuevo album ira de la mano con algunos nuevos videos y como primer single del disco el tema “Jah Musik” Junto a esto esta trabajando en la produccion de un nuevo "One Riddim" producido por RK Producciones y Negroida Barbarie Records.

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